What We Offer

Kohl’s full-funnel media solutions are optimized to reach the right customer at the right time. We connect your brand with customers throughout the path to purchase by bringing your product to life through our customized digital media solutions.

Partner With Us to Drive Sales and Awareness

Engage customers’ interest while they’re already shopping.

Onsite Display

Contextually relevant banner ads that reach customers while:

  • Enabling brands to drive awareness on Kohls.com
  • Appearing on desktop, mobile and within the app

Sponsored Products

Featured products across relevant Kohls.com pages that reach customers by:

  • Increasing shopper engagement and conversion
  • Focusing on targeted reach by placing your products in front of in-market customers who are ready to purchase


This high-ROI channel targets past purchasers or “like” customers by:

  • Using promotional or inspirational storytelling
  • Driving the customer further down the conversion funnel

In-App Push Notifications

Short mobile phone messages that pop up on the user’s mobile phone, encouraging action by:

  • Engaging customers based on events, location and proximity
  • Directing customers to social media channels
  • Driving in-app purchases

When funding sponsored products and display ads on Kohls.com, our new platform powered by PromoteIQ enables you to reach relevant audiences, gain valuable insights with real-time unified reporting and unlock self-serve options to drive optimal sales.

Engage customers by keeping your brand in the forefront.

Social Marketing

This influential channel encourages purchases by:

  • Connecting with audiences to create brand awareness
  • Increasing sales and driving website traffic
  • Targeting more granular audience segments

Offsite Display

Website promotional banners and boxes that provide mass reach by:

  • Combining targeting, data and inventory available
  • Supporting fixed messaging via a full-funnel approach

Streaming Audio

Audio content advertising designed for:

  • Building and maintaining brand awareness
  • Reaching a wide range of listeners


Social media celebrities who influence followers through:

  • Creating content through social posts
  • Incorporating key products and brands into their lifestyles

Online Video

Awareness-driving advertising that reaches audiences by:

  • Occuring before, during or after a streamed video
  • Reaching audiences with product-focused messaging
  • Using creative production to reach target audiences

Linear TV

A real-time television service that creates awareness through:

  • Broadcasting during scheduled programs
  • Using a creative and inspirational approach
  • Product-focused messaging